Thursday, May 5, 2016

You're in my world now. Welcome

Hello.  My name is Darwood.  Yes, that's my real name.  I ride motorcycles almost exclusively.  I no longer drive a car, but I fix cars for a living, so I actually end up driving them a lot.  I've never blogged before, but this seems like a good place to catalog my adventures and dump my thoughts on motorcycles, business, cars, travel and anything else that pops into my head.

This summer I'm going to try to put some serious miles on my electric Zero S.  Pikes Peak International Hill Climb turns 100 this year, and something keeps telling me that I should be there for that anniversary.  Also, I haven't done any long rides since November, and that's just too long.  So near the end of June, I'll be riding from Tucson, AZ to Pikes Peak, Colorado and back, a trip of almost 2000 miles on an electric motorcyce that needs to be charged every 70 miles or so because.... why not?

So, follow me on Instagram and stuff.