Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A place to stay in Tennessee, learning to Fly Fish, and the Continental Divide: The people you meet and the places you see.

  I'm trying to make about 200 miles today, so I don't have long to write at the moment, perhaps later during a charge.  At the moment I'm waiting for my clothes to dry, so this will be a short musing as opposed to a summary of part of the trip.  I know, this was an electric motorcycle trip, so I had to stop more often and stick around for longer, but this applies really to any roadtrip and especially to motorcycle trips.

  Take the long route.  That's the best advice I can give to travelers.  Go out of the way, be approachable, and stay at airbnb you never know who you'll meet and you never know what you'll see.  In the last week I met and hung out with the people who run the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Museum in the Broadmoor Hotel, had dinner with Zero Motorcycles Marketing Director, was invited to stay with a couple anytime I'm in Tennessee and learned to Fly Fish from Johnathan Rice of Flyfisherman magazine.  I didn't meet any of these people on purpose, I met them by not flying overhead, I met them by not staying in my hotel room, I met them by talking, by not being to busy to answer questions, and by caring enough to ask some of my own.  On this trip I've even learned how to live for free if you have a trailer or RV, just because I showed interest in the people managing a park I charged at, something that's actually pretty common, but I would have had know way of knowing.

If I had flown to Colorado Springs, I'd probably have saved a few hundred dollars, but I would have missed some of the best experiences of this trip, and I wouldn't be as excited to plan the next one.

If you ride.  Ride on!  If you don't, what's stopping you?


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