Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Trying out some new things.

   Bear with me peeps.  Expect this blog to look different every few weeks for the next few months.  I'm teaching myself to code and I'm starting with HTML and CSS.  I will likely need both for the launch of my main project.  I don't know how long it will take to learn, but I intend to learn a little something every week and apply it to making this blog become stellar awesomeness.... or just way too busy like my old Myspace page.  You guys remember that?  Oh the days we all knew html. It's funny what atrophies when you don't use it.  When I begin my life of computers, business, I need to make sure that I fix a car every now and then or diagnose an electrical problem just to make sure I still know how.

  So apart from the warning about rapid changes this post had a purpose, something I would like to document, a little experiment.  If you read the first post, then you know I'm taking my electric motorcycle on a slow ride to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.  As I mentioned this will be a SLOOOOWWWWW ride, and it will be that way because at highway speeds my range is between 60 and 70 miles and the bike will take 4hrs to charge, down half from stock (that will be explained in a later post.)  Obviously there will be a lot of downtime.  I intend on using this time for something unorthodox on vacation, work.  There will be dozens of hours of free time on this trip and thanks to my incidental discovery of I will have plenty to do.  So what's the new thing?  I want to try location independence and this seems the perfect way to test that.   I need to be able to concentrate on working on my one big thing when I'm working and concentrate on fun when I'm having fun (riding, photographing and checking out the PPIHC, and maybe making some RL freinds out of some Facebook friends if I'm lucky.)  If I do in fact make it through 44 hours of learning material while on the road I will have confirmed my ability to get stuff done without a teacher or a boss keeping me on task.  I'll have confirmed that I have what it takes to live a location independent life and I'll start putting together the pieces that will let me have one in a few years.  If you are interested you can follow my progress or lack thereof here and on my Instagram.  You can also add me on Facebook, but unless you like arguing about politics, race, and religion I don't recommend it.  In fact I won't even link it here.

The next post will be about how I built the boost charger for my Zero S 9.8 electric motorcycle as well as a step by step by step on how you can build one too.  I needed that, being a car mechanic, not an electrical engineer and more or less pieced it together with help from facebook and the electric motorcycle forum.  Now that mine works I'll make it easier for the next batch of new EV converts. Expect it in about a week.


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