Friday, December 23, 2016

Is WeatherBug the best weather App ever? It just might Be.

Somehow the WeatherBug app has evaded my notice despite always running two and frequently checking for improvements. I must say I'm impressed.

Wind Advisory

I knew this app would work perfectly for a daily riding motorcyclist the moment I opened it and was alerted to the fact that there was a wind advisory in my area. The ride to the restaurant where I had just downloaded the app could validate that advisory. The other apps on my phone did not have any such warning. The next day illuminated a difference as well. While the temperature between all three were about the same. WeatherBug was the only one to predict that I would make it to the gym and then to work without getting wet. Cool, that saves time putting on rain gear. The others, maybe being cautious were showing rain straight through for the next 3 hours. I took my chances on WeatherBug and made it to work dry. On hindsight that was not a smart gamble. It's December; but I can say that I trust this app now.

WeatherBug is also thorough. It's probably has the most complete information in any weather app. It's like having the local morning news forecast in your pocket. To this point, they even have short descriptions of what to expect for the day/ or night if you don't want to look at the hourly predictions, which they have as well and go out several days.

WeatherBug even has wind, weather radar and allergy reports, with live time views of both wind and radar.

And of course Weatherbug has shows the current conditions on the status bar, notifications screen and on the weather app.  It also has the one temperature that you actually care about, what it feels like.

Arizona, where it feels like the actual temperature.

As mentioned in a previous post, I tend to not watch the morning news forecast every day. Now I don't need to, as long as I check my WeatherBug app before I throw the day's gear together.  It literally shows me everything the weather man would, wind, allergies, radar, what to expect in the evening or tomorrow and even where the nearest lightning strike was and I don't have to listen to bad jokes and puns.
Weather App
Weather Radar 

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